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Gnome Sayin’ Album Review from Pink Moon Presents

Inspired greatly by the traditional styles of Appalachia as well as the modern sounds of experimental and jam oriented music, Plank Stompers is a force to be reckoned with. Although their musical roots were formed in the acoustic-laden world of bluegrass and old-time, their current sound blends traditional and modern instrumentation, including mandolin (Erik Burnham), keyboard/trumpet (Rudy Bzdyk), drums (Danny Shyti), electric guitar (Will Spaulding) and electric bass (Ben Walters). While their sound is a fusion of timeless American music styles, it is also completely their own. Plank Stompers make sure that every show is memorable and musically enlightening. Spinning improvised solos and licks through a maze of deep grooves that speak of country, blues, jazz, jam, and bluegrass, Plank Stompers offer original music that is sure to energize and entertain a wide audience, spanning many tastes and age groups.